Tuvalu wants tourism policy that fights climate change

Tuvalu's Foreign Minister Taukelina Finikaso - Photo: RNZI / Jamie Tahana

Tuvalu's government wants assistance with developing a tourism policy that embraces the fight against climate change.

Tourism Minister Taukelina Finikaso said the new policy should incorporate a rebranding of the country's tourism sector in response to the climate crisis.

Speaking at an Indonesian trade show in New Zealand yesterday, he said the policy should encourage visitors to plant mangroves and trees to prevent soil erosion in the low lying country that's threatened by rising sea levels.

Hindering the country's development as a tourist destination is its lack of air links, with only Fiji operating direct flights.

Tuvalu was also losing potential tourists to Fiji, Mr Finikaso said.

"What we are hoping is that we can get some assistance, especially from Indonesia, who will have vast experience of this, Australia, New Zealand, if they can help in developing a tourism policy for the country," he said.