Rotorua school drives cellphones out of class

Garry de Thierry. Photo: Twitter.

A decision to ban the use of cellphones in all classes at Rotorua Intermediate School is being driven by the school’s teachers.

“The drive was initiated by teachers’ concerns,” principal Garry de Thierry.

Teachers felt the distractions caused in class were having a negative effect on scholastic achievement.

According to TV One’s 7 Sharp programme last night, students hand over their phones at the start of each school day.

They are collected later, having been inserted in plastic bags on which are marked owner names.

Garry hopes that as a result, academic performance would improve.

“Increased and uninterrupted learning engagement should prove beneficial to student progress,” he says.

Use of social media and games during school hours, had been found as the main classroom impediments to attention to lessons.

Asked if he hoped the school would reach a point where the ‘curfew’ could be lifted and students trusted, Garry replied:

“We will monitor the effect.

“However, the transition of 350 students leaving at the end of each year and another 350 arriving from primary schools at the start of each year, poses an ongoing challenge.”


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